St Antoin’s Abbey

The construction of the church of St. Anthony in the twelfth century began and ended in the fifteenth century. We recognize this Gothic church with its stained glass windows providing plenty of light, its size (over 50 meters), its flying buttresses and ribbed vaults. Saint-Antoine l’Abbaye is located on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela, which means that the church receives many pilgrims, but also home sick from touching the relics of St. Anthony for these the cure. The relics of St. Anthony were brought from the East. The Abbey of St. Anthony was founded to house the relics of St. Anthony l’Égytien. Its facade is Gothic. It was built in 1297.

The abbey has many buildings: house abbey cloister great, big refectory, professoir, novitiate, library, infirmary, stables and gardens. Most have been modified in the XVII and XVIII centuries.
The construction of the abbey church began in 1130 and ends at the end of the fifteenth century, with a break of 50 years (1289-1337) and a fire that destroyed the bell tower and roof in 1422.
In 1289, the abbey was entrusted by Pope Boniface VIII to the canons Antonines.
In 1777, the monastery and its property shall be transferred to the Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta).
On December 7, 1896, Bishop Fava again erected the monastery abbey, as a major monastery of the Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception, with Father Dom Grea (1828-1917). Open to the public all year round the Abbey of Saint-Antoine, will host auusi many families, groups, that passers-by alone.

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